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Remind Me of Singing – Skull and Tentacle Sticker

Remind Me of Singing – Skull and Tentacle Sticker

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Skulls, tentacles, and peonies, oh my!

A watercolor painting of two skulls crowned by a single peony flower, and surrounded by a blue tentacle.


Remind Me of Singing is an exploration of the idea of the person we are, the person that we would like to be, and the tension between these two truths. This tension is necessary and will ultimately drive our growth, but it does not have to be fraught.

We can delight in this tension, be curious about it, and allow our growth to come from a loving place.

You may have noticed that skulls are featured prominently in my work. I love to use them as a device to talk about the self laid bare, without any of the social constructs or ego traps that we often bring to our identity.


2.8” x 3.4”
Vinyl Sticker
This vinyl sticker is super strong and ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Stickers made on this material will withstand any kind of weather, will stay strong through the dishwasher, and are UV protected so they will stay shiny and vibrant for up to 4 years.


Stickers will ship via USPS in an envelope with no tracking if they are ordered on their own. Please allow two weeks for processing and shipping. Unfortunately, I am not shipping to the UK or the EU at this time due to evolving VAT and import packaging laws. This item ships from my studio, and may ship separately from other items in your order depending on the size and needs of the other items.

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