What is Patreon?

Patreon is a web platform that allows creators to provide extra and behind-the-scenes content to their audience as a subscription service.

What’s empowering about Patreon as a space for creators is it allows me to post additional content, like my sketchbook, works in progress, journal prompts that I use to build up my paintings, and what my work is intending to say, without worrying that the algorithm will hide it or that it doesn’t suit the aesthetic of a curated area. In this way I can share more of my creative work in a more personal and authentic way.

I left my day job in 2022 to pursue creative work full-time, and it was a LEAP OF FAITH. Your monthly or yearly support on Patreon helps provide me a stable source of income and not solely be reliant on the caprices of the social media algorithms to show folks the rad merch in my shop

Patreon support allows me to focus on larger projects, continue community building, and begin to explore teaching some of my skills in 2023.

I believe we can create a more generous and generative world by supporting each other, and it truly touches me when people support me by becoming a patron. Thanks for your support. Let’s keep lifting each other up.


  • In the Studio

    Find out what's happening in the studio each month

  • Behind the Scenes

    A look behind the scenes at my creative process

  • Sketchbooks and other neat stuff

    Sketchbooks are always fun to look at!

  • August 2022 Patron Art Share

    August features work from Vanessa Lee and khceci

    Pictured above is work by Vanessa Lee

  • September 2022 Patron Art Share

    September features work from Sam Guay, Kyla of Kylulzart, Maria of nnananut, Vanessa Lee, and more.

    Pictured above is work by Sam Guay

  • October 2022 Patron Art Share

    October features work from Jennifer Hrabota-Lesser, Arron Navarro, Vanessa Lee, and Kyla of Kylulzart.

    Pictured above is work by Jennifer Hrabota-Lesser