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Mini Sketchbook – Our Radiance is Unyielding

Mini Sketchbook – Our Radiance is Unyielding

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Big Ideas fit into small spaces! The perfect mini-sized sketchbook for all of your on the go drawings


Three overlapping green watercolor skulls with rainbow light emerging from their eyes and nasal cavities.

Our Radiance is Unyielding is a celebration of queer identity, and a reminder that we deserve to exist, and that we are beautiful in our existence. I chose green for the skulls because for me, it represents a lush abundance, a verdant heart, and the beauty found in new growth. That radical beauty - that verdance - is what I want for our community.

You may have noticed that skulls are featured prominently in my work. I love to use them as a device to talk about the self laid bare, without any of the social constructs or ego traps that we often bring to our identity.

This journal comes with a thick, blue band to keep your sketchbook closed and keep any extras that you stuff in there all together. There is a pocket in the back for safekeeping, and a blue ribbon to mark your place in the sketchbook.


3.5” x 5.75”
160 pages/80 sheets
Faux leather cover
Wear and water resistant


Sketchbooks will ship USPS first class mail. Please allow two weeks for processing and shipping. Unfortunately I am not shipping to the UK or the EU at this time due to evolving VAT and import packaging laws.

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