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Coping Mechanisms – 11x14 Watercolor Skull Art Open Edition Print

Coping Mechanisms – 11x14 Watercolor Skull Art Open Edition Print

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Add some spice to your walls with this Watercolor Print of Coping Mechanisms

A watercolor painting of three overlapping skulls with an overlay of an ink drawing of a barn swallows.


This piece is an exploration of the ways that we overlap in our commonality. This particular ink work is an intuitive process that makes me feel as though I am laying down an inner topography, building large mountains and deep valleys. As I worked on this piece I thought about the ways that I project my own topographical landscape onto other people, and the positive and negative impacts of that projection.

How are we alike? How are we different? And how does my understanding of self aid or hinder my understanding of someone else?

You may have noticed that skulls are featured prominently in my work. I love to use them as a device to talk about the self laid bare, without any of the social constructs or ego traps that we often bring to our identity.



This open-edition art giclée print is printed on a smooth, archival matte paper that shows off the texture of the watercolor beautifully. Printed using 9-color archival pigment inks.

Size: 11” x 14”


This open edition print is made to order and ships directly from our printer. As such this may ship separately from other items that ship directly from the studio. Please allow two weeks for processing and shipping.
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