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Emerald Barkley Art & Design

Bullet Journal - Displacement

Bullet Journal - Displacement

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Dot grid perfection for all of your organization needs.


In my work, skulls are a symbol of transition and the vulnerable self, and they often serve as a self-portrait as I work through some change. The barn swallows in this piece represent home and community, and I chose to do them in ink to separate them as ideas that are largely subconscious.

This piece came from a lot of complicated emotions. I have some of the tendrils connecting to the birds wrapped around a tooth as a nod to the practice of tying a string around a loose tooth and then tying the other end to a doorknob, and the idea that sometimes we have to rip off the band aid and step into discomfort courageously.

The other end of the string in this instance is tied to the feathers of one of the birds, and this is to talk about how we sometimes avoid those door-slamming moments, choosing instead to flutter around them, beating our wings but still feeling very weighed down by the decision we must make.

Journal includes a yellow ribbon bookmarker, a rear envelope, and an elastic ribbon to keep the cover closed when not in use. Perfect for catching all of your thoughts before they tumble away.

You may have noticed that skulls are featured prominently in my work. I love to use them as a device to talk about the self laid bare, without any of the social constructs or ego traps that we often bring to our identity.


Size: A5 (5.83” x 8.27”)
Paper: Ivory, Dotted, 160 GSM, 80 Sheets
Cover: Faux Leather
Perfect Bound


Journals ship USPS Priority Mail. Please allow two weeks for processing and shipping. Unfortunately, I am not shipping to the UK or the EU at this time due to evolving VAT and import packaging laws.

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