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Emerald Barkley Art & Design

Blue and Gold Cicada Washi Tape

Blue and Gold Cicada Washi Tape

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Add shiny touches to your journaling or crafting with this custom washi tape.


This Blue and Gold Cicada Washi Tape is an exciting step into the world of patterns and stationery for me. I used the first painting in my Hours project as palette inspiration and created the cicadas as a rainbow progression based on those colors.

Cicadas have stood out to me as symbols of the cycle of life and death; a screaming summer god that bursts from the ground in swarming numbers to blacken the skies, briefly, before abruptly dying once more. They spend 17 years underground as nymphs and then erupt into life fully, loudly, and unapologetically.

For me, there is a lot there to think about and admire.

In addition to the rainbow cicadas, there are gold foil moons and starts in this pattern that add a delightful shine. I love the idea that this cycle of life and death is connected to the ebb and flow of the greater cosmos.


25mm width
10m (33 feet!) length
Blue base color with gold foil details


Washi tape will ship USPS first class mail. Please allow two weeks for processing and shipping. Unfortunately I am not shipping to the UK or the EU at this time due to evolving VAT and import packaging laws.

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