The Hours Collection

For the month of April I challenged myself to create one small, one-hour painting a day. I stepped into this challenge impulsively; it seemed like a good idea to get my creativity flowing and inspiration flowing. Inspiration, I felt, was a shining thing just on the other side of this endeavor.

What I found instead was the joy of daily practice. Inspiration became a quiet morning ritual, a daily choice to pick up my brushes once more.

Isn’t it funny that the treasure at the end of the rainbow always seems to be the lessons that we learned along the way?


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  • August 2022 Patron Art Share

    August features work from Vanessa Lee and khceci

    Pictured above is work by Vanessa Lee

  • September 2022 Patron Art Share

    September features work from Sam Guay, Kyla of Kylulzart, Maria of nnananut, Vanessa Lee, and more.

    Pictured above is work by Sam Guay

  • October 2022 Patron Art Share

    October features work from Jennifer Hrabota-Lesser, Arron Navarro, Vanessa Lee, and Kyla of Kylulzart.

    Pictured above is work by Jennifer Hrabota-Lesser