May Art Share

May Art Share

It’s time for the monthly art share!

At the end of every month patrons can submit their work to be shared on my social media platforms as well as this new blog. This month is coming to you a little earlier than usual on account of a work trip where I will be off the grid for several days at the end of the month.

I’m in the fortunate position of having many beautiful creatives support my work over on patron, and I look forward to seeing and sharing their art every month. Let's get to those sweet, sweet submissions!



A Little Bird Told Me
By Felicia Escalante
IG: @feliciaroseart



That’s all, folks!

Be sure to check back in at the end of June for next month’s submissions.


If you like my work and want to directly contribute to my ability to continue making that work, you can join patreon at Otherwise you can simply sit back and enjoy these rad art submissions. <3

Are you a patron who wants to submit their work, but you aren’t sure if it fits? No worries - I love to see all types of creative work for these art shares! Whether it’s traditional art, digital art, dance, bullet journaling, flower arranging, craft, or music, trust me when I say that we are here for it. If you still have concerns, you can go ahead and contact me and we can chat about it. <3

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