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Washi Sticker Set – Bones and Flowers

Washi Sticker Set – Bones and Flowers

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A washi sticker set for all of your bone journaling needs


This Bones and Flowers Washi Sticker Set has five kiss-cut stickers featuring a few of my favorite flower and skull pieces from the last few years:

Turn Your Eye Inward
This Hope Has A Sharp Edge
Our Deepest Spaces Glow Like A Hundred Thousand Stars
Speak Sweetly, And With A Tender Tongue

You may have noticed that skulls are featured prominently in my work. I love to use them as a device to talk about the self laid bare, without any of the social constructs or ego traps that we often bring to our identity.

These are made from washi material, and they blend perfectly into your bullet journal or sketchbook.


Sheet is 5.75” x 8”
5 stickers
Each sticker averages is roughly 2 1/2 ”-2 3/4” at its longest dimension
Washi material – thin and slightly translucent


Sticker sets will ship USPS first class mail. Please allow two weeks for processing and shipping. Unfortunately I am not shipping to the UK or the EU at this time due to evolving VAT and import packaging laws.
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